• Action 9 investigates roofing contractor


    MERRITT ISLAND,Fla. - A Brevard County family claims they're trapped in a home they can't sell, and blame the company that replaced their roof.
    They told Action 9's Todd Ulrich that an inspector found it could never pass building codes, but the roofer refused to fix it.
    The roof looks perfect from the outside. But when the homeowners tried to sell, what the inspector found inside the attic killed the deal. That was the beginning of  a nightmare for Theresa Dimond and Robert Syzmanski.
    “We've probably cried every day since we canceled the movers,” said Dimond.
    In 2008, the couple paid Ti-Con Roofing and owner Don Human to replace their roof. It passed county inspections then, but now their buyer's home inspector found roof nails missed the trusses, nails that were supposed to secure the decking.
    “Who do you blame?” Ulrich asked Dimond.
    “The roofer, the roofer,” she said.
    “It would not pass code. The decking is not nailed down. We went into both accesses and it just got worse,” home inspector Chris MacDonald said.

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     Ulrish asked engineer Kerei Alexander with KA Inspections to assess the roof. She also found that the decking was not properly nailed to the trusses, which would not pass current Brevard County building codes.
    The roof also failed an insurance mitigation inspection.
    The homeowners claim the roofing company refused to pay for repairs. Unless it's fixed they think it will be impossible to sell.
    Ti-Con Roofing's address is the owners home in Titusville, which has a no-trespassing warning outside. Ulrich reached Human by phone.
    According to Human, his workers followed the builder’s staple line, and there was no reason to check the attic. Human said if the county ordered him to fix it, he would.
    The couple said that’s not what the couple heard.
    “I asked him, 'Will you replace and fix my roof?'  He said 'No,' and walked away,” Syzmanski said.
    The same week Ulrich contacted Brevard County Licensing Regulation and it formally ordered Human to fix the roof.
    “We took the house off the market because we can't sell it,” Dimond said.
    The county's regulation board has set a hearing for April 15. If the roof is not fixed, it could deny the company any new permits.
    City and county re-roof inspections do not include the attic.

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