• Air traffic controllers help student with oil-covered windshield safely land in Volusia County

    By: Lauren Seabrook


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A 20-year-old Embry-Riddle student flew his plane blind after the engine malfunctioned and oil covered the plane’s window.

    "This was something unlike anything I've ever been through before,” said air traffic control specialist Tim Martin.

    Air traffic controllers at Daytona Beach International Airport helped the unidentified pilot safely land his plane April 26.

    Audio: Pilot with oil-covered windshield makes safe landing

    "This was something way unlike anything I've ever been through before,” Martin said.

    "Sir, I want to get down as soon as possible. I literally can't see out in front of me,” the pilot said to air traffic controllers.

    The plane's only engine was on the verge of failing, so Martin and air traffic controller Ruben Lopez became the pilot's eyes in the sky.

    "Five degrees to the right, sir. Daytona's now 12 o'clock in about a mile."

    "When he got on the ground, you just… it was a sense of overwhelming just like wow! Whew,” Martin said.

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    "Thank you so much gentlemen. You're a lifesaver,” the pilot said in the radio transmissions to air traffic controllers.

    The pilot was not available for an interview because of the ongoing investigation.

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