• Altamonte Springs police officer loses job after showing waitress naked photos


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - An Altamonte Springs police officer was out of a job Friday after a peer review board recommended that he be fired over allegations that he showed naked pictures to a waitress.

    Officer Thomas Gagliardi had been with the Altamonte Police Department for about five years and never had any problems, officials said.

    The department received a complaint in November that Gagliardi showed a waitress naked pictures of himself while he was on duty.

    Altamonte police internal affairs officials found that Gagliardi and the waitress, who was not identified, had exchanged text messages before.

    The woman said she sent Gagliardi a video of herself doing a pole dancing workout last year, but stopped communicating with him after she got married in February.

    After the November incident, the waitress told a customer, who in turn contacted law enforcement.

    Gagliardi admitted showing the woman the pictures, the department said.

    No laws were broken, so the former officer will not be charged with a crime, the department said. 

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