Baby spider monkey confiscated by Border Patrol agents coming to Brevard Zoo

MELBOURNE, Fla. — A baby spider monkey who was found being smuggled into the U.S. at the Mexican border will soon have a new home at the Brevard Zoo.

Border Patrol agents said the animal was confiscated at the U.S. border after it was found in the console of a vehicle.

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Right now, the spider monkey is in quarantine at the Dallas Zoo.

Zoo officials said they are optimistic about the new arrival given his “extremely young age.”

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The monkey will live out his life at the zoo because he cannot be reintroduced back to the wild, zoo officials said.

Brevard Zoo said the animal’s care staff will include Dr. Darby Proctor, an assistant professor at Florida Tech, who the zoo has worked with for years studying cognition and behaviors in primates.

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Brevard Zoo plans to pick up the monkey on Thursday.