Brevard County

Project Kraken could bring thousands of jobs to the Space Coast

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Space Florida is looking to bring more business to its launch and landing facility and more jobs to Central Florida.

Right now, the agency is negotiating with an unnamed company interested in building a new spacecraft manufacturing facility.

There is still no word on the company and the project is shrouded in secrecy.

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For now, the project has only been given the code name Project Kraken.

Space Florida is trying to come to an agreement with a company looking to invest nearly $300 million to establish a spacecraft manufacturing and support facility.

“Bringing facilities there will bring in more people, bring in more investment and put people to work at good jobs. So that’ll help the local economy,” said Dr. Ken Kremer of Space Upclose.

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Project Kraken could create at least 2,100 jobs by 2025, with estimated annual wages of about $85,000 plus benefits.

There is plenty of speculation about which company is behind the proposed project.

“SpaceX moving their Starlink facilities here? Which I kind of doubt, could be Amazon, something new. It could be Lockheed Martin that builds satellites and has a processing facility around the road. It could be L3 Harris, could be One Web. There are so many possibilities,” Kremer said.

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Kremer added, “We have other satellite manufacturers here and other high-tech facilities, whoever comes here is going to be able to feed off and integrate, innovate and interact with other companies here.”

Channel 9 reached out to Space Florida and they did not have a comment.