New treatment options could lengthen your pet's life

Heart disease is one of the leading ways we can lose our pets.

For veterinarians, it can be hard to detect.

The good news is that rapid advancements in animal cardiology are working to help with detection.

Dr. Edward Cole utilizes an ultrasound machine that uses Doppler technology from Golf Gate Animal Hospital in Sarasota.

"I like being able to help people live longer and happier with their animals," said Cole. "It's incredible what you can see now and what you were probably missing before."

The ultrasound machine eliminates the guesswork to better tailor treatment.

Cole credits his hands-on, immersive training to an institute run by Orlando's North American Veterinary Community.  Specialists from around the world gather to teach an array of cutting-edge treatments from the newest canine sonograms to advanced orthopedic techniques.

"The overall mission is to improve the lives of animals everywhere," said Tom Bohn, of NAVC.

Bohn told Channel 9 the demand for front-line medical training has made his association the largest provider of vet education in the world, taking in $26 million in revenue in 2018.

The intensive training also extends to vet nurses, techs and office managers.

NAVC will hold an expo with another 40 hands-on workshops in Orlando covering areas like pet pain management, behavioral issues and dermatology.

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