• Clermont police say they're close to arrest in Publix video voyeur case


    CLERMONT, Fla. - Clermont police said they're close to filing charges against a man accused of using his cellphone to take video up a woman's skirt as she shopped at Publix grocery store on Sunday.

    Officials said they wanted to get a warrant Thursday, but the state attorney's office wants time to review the case. Investigators said they know who the suspect is and they want him to come to the station to talk with them.

    The alleged victim told Channel 9’s Myrt Price she was shopping for Super Bowl snacks at the Citrus Tower Boulevard Publix when she felt the man get too close to her.  That’s when her friend noticed a camera attached to the man’s shoe, she said.

    The woman said the man was bold and recorded her in an aisle that was packed with shoppers. She said he also appeared to know exactly what he was doing.

    “It’s absolutely disgusting, it’s perverted,” said the alleged victim, who didn’t want to be identified. “This was a complete plan. He had a bottle of water in his shopping cart and nothing else so his intention was to come in this store and film up girls' dresses."

    The woman said when she felt the man was too close she tried to move away but he followed her.

    "I stepped to the right like we were doing the tango, and it happened three times,” she said. "I looked at him and said, ‘Excuse me, am I in your way?’ and that's when the friend that I was with noticed the camera on his shoe that he was sticking underneath my dress.”

    The victim said the man then smiled at her, paid for his items and walked out.

    The woman's friend went after the man, confronted him in the parking lot and tried unsuccessfully to get the phone from him.

    The friend was able to use his own cellphone to snap a picture of the man getting into a blue Ford Focus. Investigators said the photo captured the vehicle's license plate and was critical in their investigation.

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    Clermont police say they're close to arrest in Publix video voyeur case