Coronavirus stimulus check: What to expect

ORLANDO, Fla. — For the third time in the last two decades, Congress is preparing to send each American a stimulus check.

Based on the language of the bill and the two previous time it has been done, here is what you can expect:

Not everyone will get a check. Individuals who made about $99,000 on their last tax return or a couple who made more than $198,000 will not get a check.

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Just about everyone else will get a check, including people who are unemployed, those on Social Security, veterans and people on disability.

The $1,200 check will be tax-free.

If you filed taxes in 2018 or have already filed your taxes for 2019, you do not to do anything else to receive a check.

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The U.S. Treasury will use data from those who filed their taxes to determine who is eligible. It will then send a check the same way a tax return was delivered -- either by mail or it will be deposited into a checking account through direct deposit.

According to the bill, Americans will also get a paper notice in the mail a few weeks after the payment was made.

The notice will explain where the payment went and how it was delivered.

Katlyn Brieskorn,

Katlyn Brieskorn is a Digital Assignment Editor at WFTV. She joined Channel 9 in July 2019.