Court appearance canceled for man accused of threatening Pulse-style attack

ORLANDO, Fla. — A man linked to social media posts threatening a Pulse-style attack against the LGBT community will not face a judge in federal court Tuesday.

According to the FBI, Craig Jungwirth, 50, was arrested at his Orlando home Saturday for a violating bond conditions in an unrelated pending misdemeanor case.

Jungwirth's court appearance was canceled after he asked to go to the hospital.

In a news release sent Sunday, FBI spokesman Michael D. Leverock said Jungwirth was charged with transmitting threatening communications.

Channel 9's Jeff Levkulich talked to an Orlando man who said he’s had dealings with Jungwirth since March.

Brian Hamilton said he was one of those who tipped off the FBI about Jungwirth.

"I had no idea of the, basically the chip of iceberg, that I was getting into," Hamilton said. "He created several fake profiles and posted on some reviews that I had left for various businesses stating that I was mentally unstable and that people should contact the police immediately.”

Jungwirth was already the subject of numerous complaints of harassment and stalking of neighbors, with tests reading, "I’m going to get you," authorities said.

"You know, I don't know what his background is or that type of situation kind of evolved for him to be that way. I just hope that whatever happens, it kind of changes course," said Hamilton.

Jungwirth has been charged in connection with online threats made in his name, and police said Facebook posts on Aug. 30 mentioned the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando and made threats planned for Labor Day weekend in the Wilton Manors area.

The threats stated: "None of you deserve to live," and "If you thought the Pulse shooting was bad, wait till you see what I'm planning."

Jungwirth could be arraigned on the federal charge as early as Wednesday.