Crews assess Pine Hills home after 13-foot sinkhole opens in yard

The family that was living in a Pine Hills home near a sinkhole is looking for somewhere else to live.
The 13-foot hole opened over the weekend in Orange County, forcing the family of six to leave.
One of the tenants said he woke up from a nap when he noticed something was wrong and saw the hole.

PINE HILLS, Fla. — Read: Sinkhole forces family of 6 to evacuate Pine Hills home

The sinkhole is in the back yard of the house, next to the master bedroom.
A county investigator said structural damage mandated the evacuation of the house, and power and water to the home was shut off.
"If you start seeing a new low spot, or if you see water puddling, or if you see some sign that there's subsidence, you need to start paying attention to it. Those are the usual warning signs,” geotechnical engineer Devo Seereeram said.
"They could have been bringing me out in a body bag you know," Holiday said.
The family is getting assistance from the American Red Cross.