• Determined gator headbutts trapper, slaps police officer

    By: Kevin Williams


    OCOEE, Fla. - An alligator trapper and a police officer in Ocoee got a little more than they bargained for.

    Video shows the trapper trying to restrain the gator in the back of a pickup truck. As he was trying to capture it, the animal headbutted the trapper, knocking him out cold.

    The gator then hit a police officer with its tail.

    The person shooting this video said the trapper was OK.

    The gator was released into a lake.

    According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, May and June are typically mating season for alligators. During this time, alligators may be out and about more frequently.

    This week, an Orlando mother captured video of an alligator just feet away from her son as he was playing on a slip and slide in their backyard.

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    Watch the raw video below:



    Gator in my neighborhood hits FWC gator trapper (he got knocked out cold)

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