• Disabled veteran looks for answers after VA refuses to pay for childbirth bills

    By: Janine Reyes


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - It has been eight months since Kathy Daniels gave birth to her daughter, but thousands of dollars in bills remain unpaid as Veterans Affairs has refused to pay.

    Daniels is a disabled veteran with health care coverage, but learned in 2015 that VA facilities did not provide the services associated with starting a family.

    “The VA doesn’t treat pregnant women,” she said.

    During her first pregnancy, Daniels miscarried and was sent to the nearest hospital for treatment.

    A few months later she was pregnant again.

    This time, she carried the baby to term and gave birth to a little girl.

    She is now facing bills totaling more than $2,500 that she believes should be paid completely, or at least in part, by the VA.

    Her claims were denied because the services she received could have been provided by the VA or another federal facility, documents show.

    “They tell me the VA got back to them and they say they wouldn’t cover it because I could have gone to a VA facility,” Daniels said. “But the VA facilities don’t cover pregnant women.”

    Daniels said she went public with her story because she didn’t want other veterans of childbearing age to go through the same struggles.

    “There are women veterans within childbearing age that should have to go through this,” she said. “It’s unfair.”

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