Disney adds mobile food ordering to app

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Disney World has a whole new world on people’s phones. Park-goers can now order food through a mobile app.

"When you're hungry and you're ready to eat. When you arrive at a restaurant, there's no need to stay in line to order anything," Allison Choate, director of Disney's digital experience, told Channel 9's Jamie Holmes.

In the past, the “My Disney Experience” app allowed park visitors to do everything from booking fast passes to ordering photos.

Now people can order food from a list of restaurants and pick it up without waiting in line. People just need to hit the “I’m here” button on the app and the restaurant cooks will make the food. People can also sync up their credit cards so they can pay for the food through the app.

"It gives them choice. Convenience. And control to eat when they want and where they want,” Choate said.

Since the app unveiled in May, 23 restaurants have been added at all four parks and Disney Springs and the list is growing.

For Disney, the new feature means less time for guests in line and more time for them to visit rides and attractions.