• Report: Easter Bunny brawler in downtown Orlando fight wanted in NJ, has violent past

    By: Kelly Healey


    ORLANDO, Fla. - UPDATE: A man who wore an Easter Bunny costume during a fight in downtown Orlando is wanted in New Jersey and had previously been arrested in Pasco County, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office incident report.  


    Pasco County authorities discovered that there’s a “non-extraditable failure to appear” warrant out of New Jersey for Antoine McDonald, 20, of Zephyrhills, the news release said.


    (Scroll down to watch brawl video)


    Authorities said McDonald was a person of interest in a carjacking and two armed robberies in Pasco County, according to the Sheriff’s Office. He had also been arrested in January on charges of having a fraudulent ID and using the name Hudhayfuh Roberts.


    McDonald gained some notoriety when he seemingly helped a woman who was fighting a man in downtown Orlando Sunday, according to videos posted on social media outlets. Authorities have not released whether McDonald is in custody.



    Just when you think things couldn't get any weirder in Orlando, this happens: A person dressed as an Easter Bunny hopped in, seemingly to help a woman who was fighting a man in downtown Orlando Sunday, according to video posted on Instagram by a promoter who goes by @workfth.

    The incident on Instagram shows a fistfight between a woman and a man as bystanders record cellphone video. Then, the Easter Bunny jumps in and starts punching the man while he’s on the ground. 

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    The video shows police breaking up the fight as the Easter Bunny gets hugs and praise from bystanders.

    Was this a stunt? For now, it's unknown, but one thing is for sure: The incident did not come as a surprise to locals, who stood around and laughed as it all went down.

    “Beat his (expletive)!” one person said repeatedly.

    “The Easter Bunny’s shaking, ha,ha,ha,ha!” another onlooker said.

    The Orlando Police Department did not make any arrests.

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