Facebook comment calling black people ‘savages' prompts calls for Orlando officer's firing

There are renewed calls for an Orlando police officer to resign over controversial comments he made on Facebook.

In the post, he called black people, “savages, athletes and thugs.”

Community activists spoke out against the officer on Wednesday in front of the Citizens Police Review Board.

The activists say they aren't satisfied with the officer's punishment.

After an investigation into his Facebook post, Officer Robert Schellhorn was suspended for 80 hours.

Many are calling for his resignation.

The Facebook comments in question were made following the shooting deaths of two Kissimmee police officers.

Community activists said the comments were a clear-cut example of racism and shouldn't come from someone patrolling the diverse streets of Orlando.

The Citizens Police Review Board recommended to Orlando police that Schellhorn be fired, but instead, a suspension was handed down.

“He is a liability, not only to the city of Orlando and public safety, but also to his fellow officers,” said T.J. Legacy-Cole, who filed a complaints.

Orlando resident Vincent Polite said the officer’s comments are a bad reflection of character.

“This translates into his actions on the street. We’re sending someone with a gun and a badge into our community as a loaded bomb,” he said.

The Citizens Police Review Board agreed to draft another letter to police Chief John Mina expressing their displeasure with the decision.

The Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights does protect officers from being punished twice.