Family awaits re-sentencing decision of suspect who stabbed student 67 times

Field Sutton has the report.

ORLANDO, Fl. — The family of an Orange County teen murdered 24 years ago will soon learn whether the girl's killer will be released from prison.

Jimmy Bedoya received a life sentence in 1998 for the killing of Shauna Card, where investigators said he stabbed the girl 67 times. Bedoya was under the age of 18 at the time of the murder and the Supreme Court would later rule that life sentences for juveniles were unconstitutional.

Bedoya was slated to be re-sentenced a year ago, but legal hurdles have delayed the process.

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"There's just no end," said Shauna Card's father Kent Card. "When's the ending?"

During that re-sentencing hearing, Bedoya apologized for stabbing Shauna 67 times and leaving her to bleed to death. A motive for the killing remains unknown.

"We've been strong on our beliefs," said Kent Card. "If he's mad at us are we in danger if he's let out?"

Bedoya wasn't caught until 1998 after investigators traced his DNA to the crime.

The Card family continues to wait to see if Bedoya will be released in 20 years or if he'll see out the rest of his prison sentence.