• Family of girl who committed suicide after alleged bullying to file lawsuit


    POLK COUNTY, Fla. - The family of a girl who jumped to her death plans to file a lawsuit against the girls accused of bullying their daughter – girls against whom charges were dropped Wednesday.

    Rebecca Sedwick was just 12 years old when she jumped from a concrete factory to her death.

    Two teenage girls Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd accused of bullying Sedwick were charged with stalking.

    Those charges were dropped.

    "I think she's conflicted at the time and she truly doesn't know how she feels about it," attorney Matt Morgan said.

    Morgan represents Sedwick's mother, Tricia Norman, who hoped to make a statement Thursday but was apparently too distraught.

    "It brings back all the emotions she tried too hard to suppress," Morgan said.

    Norman wants justice after her daughter's young life was cut short in September.

    She plans to file negligent supervision lawsuits against the parents of Katelyn Roman and Guadalupe Shaw.

    "Because if you try to just put your head in the sand at the end of the day you might have a lawsuit filed against you if somebody gets injured," Morgan said.

    In the coming months Morgan plans to question the girls under oath, as well as their parents, regarding the alleged bullying to see what, if anything, caused Sedwick to take her life.

    Her mother hopes there's a positive outcome from such a terrible event.

    "Justice. They want justice. Second is monetary compensation for what they've been through and third is sending the message - you want children and parents to know that this conduct is not acceptable in society," Morgan said.

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    Family of girl who committed suicide after alleged bullying to file lawsuit