• FHP: Vehicle 'melted' in fiery tanker crash that killed driver


    FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - Authorities say I-95 in Flagler County has reopened after a fatal crash caused the northbound lanes to shut down Tuesday.

    Explosions were reported after the fuel tanker crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer truck as both headed northbound.

    "The vehicle literally melted," said Sgt. Dylan Bryan of the Florida Highway Patrol.

    Officers said the driver of the tractor trailer, St. Clair Agnord tried to help the stranger trapped in the cab of the tanker, but the fire was too strong.

    "Very extensive damage to the vehicle as well as to the victim and that's really complicating the issue of identifying not only the vehicle the company that they work for, but also the driver," Bryan said.

    Troopers said trip manifests, licenses and paperwork that could've helped them figure out who the man was, burned on the highway.

    The intense heat of that fire melted parts of the truck and damaged the road. Crews estimate it will could be 24 hours before drivers can head north on I-95.

    However, the Flagler Sheriff's Office said crews are working to have the roadwork finished by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    "It really looks like a melted crayon or a silver candle that melted onto the roadway," Bryan said.

     Investigators still aren't sure who may have been changing lanes, which is the move they believe caused the wreck.

    No charges in relation to the crash have been filed yet.

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    FHP: Vehicle 'melted' in fiery tanker crash that killed driver