Grooming you to groom your pet: Tips to care for your dog or cat during stay-at-home order

ORLANDO, Fla. — Is Fido’s coat getting a little too fluffy? With most pet groomers closed, pet parents are left to their own devices armed with perhaps a pair of scissors or clippers.

But before you take your first snip, Channel 9 complied some advice from experts on how to groom your pets from home.

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In an interview with People magazine, Alison Rutty, the director of new business lines, grooming, at — an online network for pet sitting and dog walking services – said one preventative key to keep your dog’s coat in good shape is to brush out their coat daily.

Rutty said this is important “especially for long-haired dogs that need regular haircuts — the more you brush, the more you can extend the time between grooms because mats are less likely to occur.”

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Rutty told People that the best time to do the grooming is during a calm time in your household.

“The best time to groom your dog is when they’re already feeling calm and relaxed,” Rutty said. “If your dog has a lot of energy, that means working off that energy with lots of playtime before you start the grooming process.”

The American Kennel Club also has a list of grooming dos and don’ts on its website including:

  • Do obtain the right tools, including a brush that is intended for the coat of your dog breed and veterinarian-approved hygiene products.
  • Don’t clip your dog’s nails unless you’ve been taught the proper technique, feel comfortable doing so, and have proper dog nail clippers or a rotary trimmer and products to stop bleeding should it occur. 

While the AKC urges owners not to sheer or clip their pet’s coat without proper training, there are tutorials on YouTube from groomers on how to trim your dog’s nails and coat at home.