HOLY COW: Car thief corralled by cows while running from Sanford officers, police say

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Cows helped Sanford officers corral a suspect who was on the 'moove' after crashing a stolen car, officials said.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s helicopter captured the incident on video Sunday night as police were following the vehicle.

Deputies said two suspects crashed a stolen car, bailed out and ran.

And that’s when the cows came home. The video then shows one of the suspects running through a cow pasture as the animals chased and surrounded one of the suspects, who was eventually captured by police.

According to a police report, an officer spotted the stolen vehicle on Celery and Locust avenues and tried to pull it over, but the driver wouldn't stop.

Police said the car crashed near Sipes Avenue, where the suspects, identified as Jennifer Kaufman and Jamie Young, ran through th cow pasture in different directions.

A third person in the SUV, Erin Thomas, stayed at the scene of the crash, police said.

Police said a backpack was found in the vehicle with cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside.

The three suspects were arrested on charges of drug possession, trespassing and resisting arrest.