Homicide investigation underway after man found dead near West Orange Bike Trail

A death investigation is under way on a trail in South Apopka, according to the Orange County Sheriff??€™s Office.????

APOPKA, Fla. — A homicide investigation is underway on a trail in South Apopka, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded to Old Apopka Road and East 18th Street on Wednesday afternoon.

They said a passerby found the body of 46-year-old Collis Fogle on a wooded area off the West Orange Bike Trail and was able to flag down deputies. Detectives confirmed Thursday that the man's body had been burned.

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Investigators blocked off a section of the road and remained at the scene for more than five hours.

Nearby residents stood close to the crime scene tape, anxious to find out if the man was anyone they know.

“That’s somebody’s child. Regardless of who it is, it’s somebody’s child,” said resident Claudette Penn. “But ain’t nobody going to say nothing.”

Penn said she feels crime in the area has gotten out of hand.

“Apopka is going to hell in a hand bag. Every day it’s something different. It’s sad,” said Penn. “Every time you tuen around, it’s somebody getting killed. It’s just crazy.

No other details were released.