Inspectors looking into cause of Deltona woman's house fire

Video: Inspectors looking into cause of Deltona woman's house fire

DELTONA, Fla. — Inspectors from Kia have joined a group trying to figure out whether one of the company’s SUVs is responsible for prompting a fire that burned down an elderly Deltona woman’s home.

The fire broke out at 70-year-old Betty Davis’ home on Brady Drive one early morning in January.

The burned-out carcass of a car is suspect number in the fire, which put Davis in the hospital.

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“Mom is not doing well. She’s in the ICU this morning,” said her daughter, Gina Tyckoson.

Tyckoson is dealing with the mystery of how the 2009 Kia Sportage in her mom’s car port managed to burn and whether it, and potentially Kia, are to blame for the disaster.

“All the neighbors, they saw it, and they could see that the car was on fire first,” she said.

The fire burned quick enough to kill Davis’s two cats and a dog.

“It’s just shocking to see. They said that the fire burned so fast and so hot that it’s just amazing she made it out,” said Tyckoson.

Inspectors took pictures and measurements at what’s left of the home Monday, but they offered no immediate opinion on the cause of the blaze.

Months of legal wrangling are likely to follow.

Kia has not responded to requests for comment.