• Lady Lake man shoots bear that broke into home twice


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A Lady Lake man says he was forced to shoot and kill a black bear that broke into his home.

    The victim said the bear broke into his home twice.

    Victor Peters believes the bear may have been after his dog’s food during the frist break-in on Tuesday.

    The homeowner was instructed by Florida Fish and Wildlife to move the dog food inside to prevent another encounter, but it didn’t work.

    The bear returned Wednesday night.

    “It was the biggest bear I have ever seen,” said Peters.

    The bear weighed about 500 pounds.

    “I was very scared. I figured when I yelled it would take off, but it didn’t. It just looked right at me and started coming toward the window, where I was at, so that’s when I fired,” Peters said.

    Peters said the night before, the bear trashed his porch.

    “It messed a bunch of stuff up and knocked over the dog food. Ate about half of it,” he said.

    After the first break-in, Peters said he was nervous and he started sleeping with his gun loaded, just in case.

    “If he can come through those windows, my windows inside are flimsier, and I had the dog food in the house this time, so I figured I better protect myself and my dog, and I did,” Peters said.

    He said he worked as a park ranger and wildlife officer for about 30 years.

    He said he didn’t want to shoot the animal, but didn’t have a choice.

    “I wasn’t safe with a bear that size inside the house," Peters said.

    Although the homeowner said he was forced to pull the trigger, FWC is still investigating.

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