Lead detective in Trayvon Martin case reassigned

SANFORD, Fla. — Sanford police said the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin case has been reassigned to the patrol division at his request.

Christopher Serino recommended after his initial investigation that George Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter in the unarmed teenager's Feb. 26 shooting death. The 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer told police he feared for his life during the fight in which Martin slammed his head against the ground.

Serino’s reassignment comes less than a week after city leaders fired Police Chief Bill Lee over the way he handled the controversy following the shooting investigation.

Zimmerman cited Florida's "stand your ground" law that gives wide latitude to people defending themselves. More than a month later after a nationwide outcry, Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.

A release that went out said Serino, "made this decision of his own volition and will begin his new assignment on July 7, 2012."

In the meantime, attorney Mark O'Mara said in a court motion released on Monday that Zimmerman poses no threat to the community and should be released a second time on bail.
O'Mara asked that Zimmerman be granted bond for a second time as he awaits a second-degree murder charge.

O’Mara said Zimmerman isn't a flight risk and stayed in touch with law enforcement during his initial release on bail. A judge will consider the request at a second bond hearing Friday.