Man accused of exposing himself to 2 girls; ‘She's crying' says mother in 911 call

Man accused of exposing himself to 2 girls; ‘She’s crying’ says mother in 911 call

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. — Ormond Beach police are looking for a man they said exposed himself to two young children in two separate incidents Thursday night.

“That is my biggest fear in the whole entire world, and I hope to God it never happens to me,” said Ormond Beach resident Brittany Holsinger.

Police said the man was first seen in a Publix parking lot at Williamson and Granada boulevards.

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Authorities said an 11-year old girl was helping her mother put away groceries in the parking lot when the man approached the girl and asked her if she knew where the Target was. That's when her mother noticed the man touching himself, and then he ran away, police said.

The woman chased after him until he got into his car and drove toward the highway.

The mother tried to write down the vehicle tag number, and she called 911.

"She's (explicit) 11 years old! I'm so disgusted and freaked out. She's crying," the mother said.

Investigators said the man was seen about 20 minutes later in the Motel 6 parking lot on U.S. 1, exposing himself to a 15-year-old girl.

A mother was sitting in her car with her daughter to charge their phones when she said the man pulled up next to them.

The child’s mother saw him and the man ran away, police said.

“He took off his pants and got out of his car and flashed my daughter with his pants down around his ankles,” she said.

Police said the man drove away on North U.S. 1.

Authorities said they are working to retrieve surveillance video from the hotel.

Police said they do not believe the case is related to another man accused of flashing women who were jogging and walking their dogs on the beach side because the descriptions do not match. You can read that story below: