Marine veteran hit in face by group of men in car while riding bike

CLEARWATER, Fla. — A U.S. Marine veteran is recovering after he said men inside a car attacked him while he was riding his bicycle home.

Clearwater police said they believe the men have already attacked someone else.

Surveillance video captured the moment when Derek Queener was attacked on Sunday. %



"Someone reached out of the car, punched me directly in the face. (I) felt my hat fly off. (I) felt the blood,” Queener said.

Queener, 44, thought he had been punched, but the video shows someone swinging a stick or a baseball bat from the back of the Jeep and hitting Queener.

"Not only did they assault me, they decided to taunt my like it was funny," said Queener. “(They) yelled out, ‘How you do like that m***********?’”

Queener said his attackers broke bones in his face.

"I don't want anyone else to take that kind of hit because it was, it was kind of brutal," said Queener.

A handy man claimed the same car load of men pulled up and threw something at him on Monday, and then yelled a racial slur and drove away.