Markeith Loyd dismissed from court after outburst

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Markeith Loyd was given an opportunity to talk about a motion he filed on Oct. 22 complaining about his attorney Thursday but he refused to talk about it.

Loyd’s hearing lasted about 15 minutes because he wasn’t cooperating.

Judge Leticia Marques gave Loyd one chance to respect the court, and when he didn’t he was immediately dismissed.


Marques read his motion and gave Loyd the opportunity to explain what it was that he did not like about his representation during his trial for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon, but he refused.

The motion has remained confidential in court record, so the issue that was raised is not known.

In closing arguments in his last murder trial, Loyd told the judge he was dissatisfied with some things that were not mentioned by his attorney at the end.

“I wanted my lawyer to go over it and show the jury the BS that they wrote up,” Loyd said.

Marques offered to let Loyd’s attorney explain for him, but when Terence Lenamon argued that the judge didn’t have the right to rule, she shut him down.

There will be a hearing about attorney’s fees next month, but for now, another hearing is not expected until next year.

Watch the outburst here: (Warning: graphic language)

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