Mayor: Suspect in Christmas Day shooting in Eatonville apprehended near Mexican border

EATONVILLE, Fla. — The alleged gunman in a Christmas Day shooting that left an Eatonville woman dead and a 71-year-old man seriously injured has been apprehended in Texas, according to Mayor Eddie Cole.

Jason MacDonald, 38, was apprehended near the Mexico border in Texas after "a chase and foot pursuit," the mayor said.

Cole released the following statement on Facebook:

It is with a SPIRIT of relief and a praise to God to inform the families, residents and friends of Cindy Jackson and Arthur Glover that the allege suspect Jason Raymond MacDonald was apprehended in Texas near Brownsville (Mexico border). After a chase and foot pursuit MacDonald was caught. This will allow both families and the community to start the healing process. As a community that have not experience a murder in three years, know that one is too many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends. Let's all see how we can assist the Jackson family in any way. God's blessings on you and the community of Eatonville.

Relatives of Cindy Jackson, the woman who died, said MacDonald said he kept contacting them while on the run.

Relatives Arthur Glover, who survived the gunfire that claimed Jackson's life on Christmas Day, said an argument led to the shooting.

Residents reported hearing shots fired shortly after 7 a.m. on Christmas morning.

When investigators arrived, they found Jackson dead and Glover with severe injuries.

Monday was also Jackson's birthday, investigators said.

Since the shooting, Glover's daughter Lashan Connelly said McDonald has called her father.

"He asked my dad where he was, and then he's been saying he's sorry," Connelly said. "I don't know. I think he has issues."

Connelly said Glover was shot three times and must undergo surgery.

"He's got a bullet lodged in his shoulder area and he got shot three times," Connelly said. "It's been so hard. This has been the worst Christmas."

One of the bullets hit Glover in the head, and that could lead to long-term medical problems, Connelly said.

"Because a bullet went through his head, they're saying that he might have seizures on and off," she said.

Connelly said Glover wasn't in the room when the first shot was fired, but was hit when he went to see what had happened.

"My dad said he heard a gunshot, he ran to see what was going on and as soon as he stepped out of the bedroom, Jason shot him," Connelly said.

Investigators said McDonald took off in Glover’s black Dodge Ram truck.

McDonald had been living with the victims for about three weeks, family members said.

Jackson's step-mother, Theresa Jackson, said her daughter had taken McDonald in and was trying to help him.

"For her trying to help him, he takes her life," Theresa Jackson said. "That's the thanks that she got for trying to help someone in the streets."

MacDonald is facing charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and grand theft, police said.