• Mother of slaying victim relieved murder suspect is behind bars again


    APOPKA, Fla. - A man was arrested for a second time in the same slaying on Tuesday night.

    The victim's mother told WFTV that it is her mission to make sure her son's killer is punished.

    Orange County deputies arrested Keith Cannon Tuesday evening in connection with the death of Terrious Miles. The arrest came just a couple of months after Cannon was let out of jail for the same crime.

    Cannon was initially arrested in October because investigators said he and another man killed Miles, 34, at a card game in April.

    Miles was found shot to death outside a 13th Street home in Apopka on April 20. He had been playing cards with a group of men.

    On Tuesday, Price learned that Cannon was released from jail a month after his arrest because official charges were never filed.

    Miles' mother, Barbara Miles, was angered by Cannon's release from jail, and greatly relieved to hear he was back behind bars.

    "That made me so happy," Miles said. "I want justice for my son."

    A second suspect in the death of Terrious Miles, Greg Anderson, has been jailed since November.

    "I was very much upset. I was devastated when they let him out. I felt like I did the weekend my son was murdered," said Miles.

    Cannon has an extensive criminal history and has served time for manslaughter. Miles said she feared for her life after Cannon was released.

    "This young man knew where I lived at. He knew where I worked at, so it was a possibility he could of murdered me as well," said Miles.

    Miles said since the day Cannon walked out of jail she has worked with the State Attorney's Office and detectives to put him back behind bars.

    She said she is gratefully that he is locked up again. She said this time she hopes it's where he will be for the rest of his life.

    "He's a danger to society," said Miles. "He needs to pay for what he did. He needs to know that it's not OK to go around and kill someone and think that it's OK."

    Miles said that while she is happy about the arrest, she won't be ready to celebrate until both suspects are found guilty and they're sent to prison for good.

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    Mother of slaying victim relieved murder suspect is behind bars again