• Neighboring residents upset over Osceola road project


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Some Orange County residents will likely lose their homes because of a road project in a different county, WFTV found out Thursday.

    The Osceola County Expressway Authority wanted to extend Osceola Parkway to connect to Narcoossee Road.

    But the extension move would come at the expense of neighbors in Orange County.

    Many neighbors are in path of the major road expansion, and many do not approve.

    "Pretty much they are killing our lifestyle," said neighbor Jessica Cepero.

    "We need to get some help. That's why we called you," said resident Jeff Karas.

    Because of the way the plans are drawn up, part of Karas' property would go to the project, taking away all of the reasons he moved there in the first place.

    Karas' neighbor's homes would be replaced by the road.

    WFTV asked the Osceola County Expressway Authority if it has the right to use land from a neighboring county.

    The executive director said before any land is taken, the authority would need to coordinate with Orange County officials.

    WFTV found out other alternatives would have been too expensive and an even larger number of homes would have to be taken.

    Karas said even if the county pays him for the portion of land it would take, the money would  not be nearly enough for the work he's put into his home.

    "I worked hard to get here," said Karas.

    The Osceola County Expressway Authority said there is still a possibility that the route could be altered a bit before the final plan is set next year.



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    Neighboring residents upset over Osceola road project