New trial ordered for Seminole County death row inmate

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — The Florida Supreme Court threw out a conviction and death sentence Thursday for Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin.

He was found guilty of murder in the deaths of Carol Bareis and Cheryl Williams in Altamonte Spring.

Now he’s been ordered a new trial. His defense attorney said confessions and 150 bloodstains from the crime scene were just recently tested.

"That DNA testing, of course, revealed none of Mr. Aguirre's at the crimes scene and eight bloodstains belonging to the daughter and granddaughter, Samantha Williams," said Aguirre’s attorney,


Defense attorneys suggest the real killer was Samantha Williams who lived with the victims. According to court records, Samantha Williams has confessed on five different occasions to four different people that she killed the victims.

A spokesperson for the state attorney’s office sent a statement: “We respect the Florida Supreme Court opinion and will retry the case. Of course we will not be commenting on the facts or evidence in what is an on-going criminal trial. While we might disagree with the Court's opinion, we respect their authority and are beginning trial preparation now. “

According to court records, Aguirre admitted to walking into the crime scene because he went next door looking for beer, but he never reported the murders because he was an illegal immigrant from Honduras, who was afraid of deportation. Aguirre’s DNA was on the murder weapon, but said he picked it up to defend himself because he thought the killer was still inside.

"He doesn't know the news yet. I hope if he hears it on the news this evening, he is as relieved as we are that the court has granted him this new trial,” said Aguirre’s attorney.

Williams is not in custody.

Aguirre will be brought to Seminole County for a new trial.