• Newly elected Osceola Co. Clerk of Court cleaning house


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Armando Ramirez has yet to move into his office, but he's already making changes.

    WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez talked to a woman who said she's looking for a new job.

    She said a transition team working for the new clerk just gave her a notice letting her know she'll be out of a job when Ramirez is sworn in Jan. 8. The letter even listed the name of her replacement.

    "He didn't interview me. He didn't talk to me. Nothing," said the unidentified woman.

    So far, five employees have received a notice, including one who's been with the office 35 years and others who have been on the job almost 20 years.

    Critics said these are big moves by someone who doesn't have access to this office yet.

    Ramirez's transition team was only allowed in public areas of the courthouse, so they called employees to the human resources office one-by-one and gave them the news.

    "Was there a concern about getting rid of people who have been here so long and have so much experience?" asked Alvarez.

    Beau Osborne the incoming chief of staff responded, "Institutional knowledge for any organization is very, very important."

    But Osbourne told WFTV the budget is also important and said that's what the cuts are about.

    "There's not enough money in the budget to keep them and have the next administration move in," said Osborne.

    He also denied rumors that more people would be let go.

    "This was a one-time changing of the guard," Osborne said.

    Courthouse employees were still on edge Tuesday, wondering what's next.

    WFTV found out the moves were legal as long as the terminations happen after new officials are sworn in.

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    Newly elected Osceola Co. Clerk of Court cleaning house