• Nightclub security guard accused of posing as police officer


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A nightclub security guard was arrested after police said he pretending to be a law enforcement officer.

    Investigators said Jonathan Shaddix went as far as having lights and a siren to chase someone down. Shaddix said he believed someone hit another security officer, but police said that never happened and had no right to engage in a pursuit.

    Shaddix said Friday night, he was working security a Club Glitz when he saw a suspicious vehicle behind the building.

    According to a police report, Shaddix told Orlando police that the driver hit a security guard and then the security guard's car.

    The report says that when the driver fled, Shaddix chased them. Shaddix told police he was trying to get a tag number.

    "In my mind, a person who is willing to go that far will do anything to hurt anybody," said Shaddix.

    According to police, Shaddix's 2006 Chrysler had flashing lights on the front and the back, a thin blue line sticker on the bumper and a "Support Law Enforcement" license plate.

    Shaddix said it was all within his rights to do.

    Shaddix said he was wearing a vest that has "security" written on the front and on the back. He said he was acting as a security officer and not a police officer.

    "What I did, I acted in good faith. It was the interest of everyone in the community," said Shaddix.

    The law states that security officers can have lights on their vehicles, as long as they aren't blue or red, and he can wear a vest. But he can't break the law. The report said Shaddix was in a high-speed pursuit and didn't obey traffic control devices.

    In 2007, Shaddix was arrested for the same thing after he pepper-sprayed a woman at an apartment complex. Those charges were dropped.
    Shaddix said he hopes this one will be, too.

    "I wish it hadn't happened. I'm sorry it happened, but again, I was acting in what I felt was the best interest of the community and everyone involved," said Shaddix.
    Glitz Nightclub has not responded to Channel 9's call to confirm whether Shaddix was employed by them.

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