• Opossum breaks into liquor store, gets drunk, officials say


    FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. - An opossum that drank bourbon after breaking into a Florida liquor store, sobered up at a wildlife rescue center and was released unharmed, authorities said.


    Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge officials said the opossum was brought in by a Fort Walton Beach police officer Nov. 24. A liquor store employee found the animal next to a broken and empty bottle of bourbon.


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    Refuge technician Michelle Pettis told a local newspaper that the female opossum appeared disoriented, was excessively salivating and was pale. The staff pumped the marsupial full of fluids and cared for her as she sobered up.


    Pettis said the opossum did not appear to have a hangover.


    The store owner, Cash Moore, said he never had an opossum break in before.


    "She came in from the outside and was up in the rafters, and when she came through she knocked a bottle of liquor off the shelf," Moore said. "When she got down on the floor she drank the whole damn bottle."


    The animal was released on Thursday.


    The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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