• Mom accused of stabbing alleged bullies; Grandmother claims she was stabber


    ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County mother was arrested on charges of stabbing two teens who were allegedly bullying her children. 

    Investigators said Nora Silva, 33, stabbed the teen boys in the back with a box cutter, but the allegedly bullied children's grandmother, Esther Silva, claimed she was the stabber.

    Channel 9 learned a brawl erupted after students got off the school bus near the corner of Richfield Street and Centennial Drive in Pine Hills.

    The Silvas said it all started when their two boys were surrounded and beat up by a group of more than 15 neighborhood boys.

    Nora and Esther Silva ran to help while a neighbor called 911.

    Nora Silva said video from a neighbor's surveillance camera shows a group of teens harassing and pushing her 17-year-old son to the ground.

    But Esther Silva said she used a box cutter on the bullies.

    "I jumped in the middle of him and I grabbed him and I told him, I go, 'You are not going to hit my grandson,'" she said.

    Nora Silva said the neighborhood kids surrounded them and continued to beat her boys.

    Deputies said things cooled down, yet Nora Silva confronted the bullies again and started another brawl.

    That's when detectives said she pulled out the box cutter and stabbed two of them in the back.

    "I got him on the ground and started punching him, and then she came from behind and just stabbed me in the back," said Marcus Walker, one of the young men cut during the fight.

    The victims were taken to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, where they were treated and released.

    "[Nora Silva] says you have been bullying these kids for a year," Channel  9's Tim Barber said to Walker.

    "I am not the bully because he is like, 17 and he is way taller than me," said Walker.

    Silva said her 63-year-old mother was the one who used the box cutter, and she said it was in self-defense.

    "I will defend them.  I don't want them to fight," said Nora Silva.

    "Would you have stabbed them?" asked Barber.

    "No, No, I would not have stabbed him," said Nora Silva.

    "I am going to protect mine, because I was brought up in the hood," said Esther Silva. "You don't even know me."

    While Walker claims Nora was the stabber, Esther said, "And I grabbed him by his hair and pants and 'Pop!'"

    Silva claims the non-stop bullying is the reason they moved her 14-year-old son, Aaron, from Meadowbrook Middle School to Ocoee Middle School.

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    Mom accused of stabbing alleged bullies; Grandmother claims she was stabber