• Orange County teacher suspended, students' SAT scores invalid

    By: Len Kiese


    APOPKA, Fla. - A now-former Orange County teacher is in trouble with the state.  

    State education investigators found that Donovan Henry didn't follow the rules while administering the SAT for nearly 30 Apopka High School students and as a result those students' scores were found to be invalid.

    Henry, a mathematics teacher at the school, was put on a one-year suspension by the Education Practices Commission of the State of Florida and fined $750.  

    According to the final order issued against Henry, he gave 26 students extra time while proctoring the SAT in April 2016.

    That is a violation of state statutes that are clearly explained during training for teachers, the state said. Because scores were invalidated, the order states many of the students were unable to apply for college. 

    Henry can't administer future SAT tests without another administrator or proctor present.

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