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Inside look at Central Florida theme park deemed ‘not in compliance’ by coronavirus task force

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Only Channel 9 went behind the scenes at a Central Florida theme park that was deemed to be out of compliance with COVID-19 safety.

Orange County's strike team recently inspected five Central Florida attractions during surprise visits.

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Fun Spot America was the only local theme park considered “not in compliance,” because too many people were reportedly seen not wearing masks inside the park.

Fun Spot America responds to being considered “not in compliance”

CEO and owner John Arie Jr. said it’s hard for his employees to enforce a mask ordinance, when even law enforcement is not doing so.

Arie said county health officials have not traced any cases of COVID-19 back to Fun Spot America.

All the precautions they're taking are obvious.

They have reminder signs up all over the park and offer free masks when visitors come in if they do not have one.

Employees also wipe down surfaces all over the park.

“I like that they are cleaning each and everything when you get on and off of the ride,” said visitor Tiffiney Henry. “They’re making sure they don’t open a ride until it’s actually sanitized.”

What other theme parks have been inspected?

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Orange County's strike team recently inspected Gatorland, Wonderworks, Magical Midway Thrill Park, and Arcade City. They said all were in compliance.

So far, the Orange County strike team has not visited any Disney parks, Universal, or SeaWorld, but it plans to do so.

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