Wild Florida welcomes 4 albino alligators, first to hatch at any attraction in the world

Video: Wild Florida welcomes 4 albino alligators, first to hatch at any attraction in the world

KENANSVILLE, Fla. — Wild Florida welcomed four albino alligators Tuesday morning.

It is the only attraction in the world with a successful albino alligator breeding program.

In June, Wild Florida announced a batch of 26 albino alligator eggs.

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After 81 days, Wild Florida is the first attraction in the world to hatch albino alligators.

Snowflake and Blizzard are now proud parents to four hatchlings.

“This is the most incredible thing we have ever done. Helping create more excitement, interest and casting a bigger spotlight on all crocodilians is just one of the many pieces that speaks to our mission here at Wild Florida. These albino babies will definitely inspire our guests. Our team can’t wait to share these little miracles with everyone,” said Sam Haught, co-owner and co-founder of Wild Florida.

Wild Florida officials said the average incubation period for alligator eggs is 60 days, depending on the temperature of the nest.

Twenty-six eggs were collected in late May by Croc Squad team members and placed in an incubator to maintain a stable temperature in a controlled environment to help ensure the success rate of the eggs hatching.

Albino alligators are normally found in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps and marshes in southeastern parts of the United States.

The unique creatures have a partial or complete loss of pigmentation, hence their pale skin tone. Research suggests that some albino animals have difficulty in the wild.

This is the second time the albino alligator couple Snowflake and Blizzard laid eggs.

Last year, Wild Florida announced that caretakers found eggs inside their exhibit but none of the eggs were fertile.

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