Owners, buyers at Orlando gun show must obey new ordinance

ORLANDO, Fla. — Everyone who walks through the doors of this weekend's gun show in Orlando is being put on notice of a new gun sale ordinance.

The gun show, which starts tomorrow, is the first in Orange County since the new ordinance was put in place requiring a three-day waiting period on private sales.

Orlando police said Thursday they would be enforcing the new ordinance, since the gun show is in their jurisdiction.

“Listen, it's our intention to comply with the law. We're not here to buck the system,” said Jorge Fernandez who manages Florida Gun Shows, which is organizing this weekend’s event.

He said buyers and sellers will notice significant changes, because of the new ordinance.

Earlier this month, commissioners voted to crack down on private sellers at these events, by requiring them to also conduct background checks and wait three days to give guns to buyers.

There will be flyers throughout the fairgrounds explaining requirements for private sellers.

“They have to go through a federally-licensed firearms dealer to conduct that transaction,” said Fernandez.

That way, the dealer can do a background check with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and hold the gun for the buyer.

“They come back in three days and you can pick up the firearm at the store,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez said his staff will keep a close eye on all their vendors, but also on anyone who walks through these doors.

At previous events, attendees could sell guns among themselves without a background check or waiting period.

Now, that's not allowed either.

“And I foresee that we're going to ban them in all our shows as more ordinances pop up,” said Fernandez.

Orlando police said if they they catch someone breaking the new law, that person could face a 60-day jail sentence, six months of probation and/or a $500 fine.