Parents scramble to find new school after Brevard County charter school shuts down

Brevard County's school board chairwoman is promising help for students being forced out of a Port St. John charter school.
The Campus Charter School is out of money and shutting down, leaving 100 students looking for new schools.
The principal decided to shut it down one week before the school was set to close for good.
“I guess I have to go about 15 miles to Titusville to keep with his classmates,” said parent Melissa Van Patten.
She had carefully selected the school and even waited for a delayed opening on its new prekindergarten program.
"Such a great teacher and I don't even know if she'll have a job after this. That's what she was saying. But she went above and beyond,” Van Patten said.
Parents were shocked by a note this week in which the principal wrote, "We have exhausted all possibilities of financial recovery, including borrowing, seeking out donors, decreasing expenses and advertising for enrollment."
The chairwoman of the Brevard County School Board said she's committed to getting students settled in at other schools immediately.
"We only got a week's notice of that at the district, but it certainly sounds like they're looking at some long term financial issues," board Chairwoman Misty Belford said. "The process of actually transferring them and getting them into another school is not that difficult of a process."
Campus Charter's principal said she and her staff are doing everything they can to get student records over to new schools.