Photos: Accused fake P.A. wearing hospital IDs, scrubs

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla.,None — WFTV obtained photos on Friday of a teenager, who allegedly pretended to be a physician's assistant at Osceola Regional Medical Center, wearing hospital scrubs and an employee identification badge.

The Human Resource Department at the hospital told police that Matthew Scheidt, who was arrested, told them he was a physician assistant, and repeatedly pushed the staff to issue a new identification badge to grant him full physician access to the hospital.

WFTV also uncovered that he had Facebook posts, complaining about how sore he was after performing CPR on a patient.

Scheidt also took pictures wearing scrubs and bragged to his Facebook friends about "making magic with Dr. Estrada" and "five codes in one night…this is bad juju," according to official reports.

Police also said Scheidt wore other identification badges, including one from Florida Hospital and another from HCA Healthcare.

WFTV has also learned that the 17-year-old was very careful about what he put down on his job application at the surgical center where he was really employed.

In one portion of the application, he did not put down a birth year.

In a statement to the hospital, Scheidt wrote: "I was just wanting to be exposed. I am so sorry. I have learned to mature. I am so sorry and owe your hospital the biggest apology."

According to a report, Scheidt also told multiple people he was an Osceola County Sheriff's deputy and told stories bout how he Tasered people.

Scheidt's lawyer is expected to file a written plea of not guilty, officials said.

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