• Pierson mother charged when children found in feces-covered, roach-infested home, deputies say

    By: Michael Springer , Mark Boxley


    PIERSON, Fla. - A 35-year-old Pierson woman who allegedly went on the run after investigators reported that they found her living with children in a roach- and flea-infested home littered with feces and smelling of urine was arrested this week.

    Victoria Kanger had been charged with felony child neglect following an October welfare check.

    Deputies responded to her address at about 5:45 p.m. Oct. 5 after receiving a call from Kanger's ex-boyfriend, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

    When deputies arrived at Kanger’s Pierson home, they immediately were confronted by a “strong, pungent odor of a mixture of feces and urine before even entering into the residence,” an arrest report said.

    Kanger “immediately became defensive, stating (her ex) is just harassing her with false allegations,” the report said.

    Deputies report finding "deplorable condition"

    Once inside, deputies said they found a horrific situation, with “an extremely large amount of trash and clutter” and “a very large amount of cockroaches crawling on the common areas, such as the couches, tables, piles of clutter and the walls of the residence.”

    One deputy started to itch the moment he walked into the home, “only to look down and see his lower pants legs covered in fleas,” the report said.

    Numerous cats were seen living inside the home, but deputies said they only found one litter box, which was “completely full of cat feces to a point where the cats would not be able to use it properly.”

    Deputies say dead dogs found in freezer, child identifies them by name

    Kanger’s ex-boyfriend had told dispatchers that he believed there were dead dogs being stored in a freezer at the home.

    When deputies asked about the dogs, one of the children “overheard this question and eagerly answered it by saying, ‘There are three.’”

    The child then identified the dogs by name, the arrest report said.

    Kanger told deputies that she had not buried the dogs “because she does not yet have a shovel,” and that there was no food being stored in the freezer in which she was keeping them, the report said.

    House is "usually clean" woman tells deputies

    According to the deputies, Kanger tried to explain that the house is usually clean and “has only been in this condition for several days,” the report said.

    When deputies expressed their skepticism that a home could become so filthy in only a few days, she reportedly blamed the state of the home on her ex-boyfriend.

    Kanger also said the home was in poor condition because she is disabled and has numerous health issues, the report said.

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    Woman arrested after child found alone, covered in feces

    Deputies continued to be shocked, not only by the condition of the home, but by the residents’ lackadaisical reaction to it.

    “While speaking with Kanger, her and (her child) were sitting on a couch in which cockroaches were crawling en masse,” the report said. “At times, a cockroach would crawl on them and they would casually brush it off.”

    When deputies told Kanger they were calling the Florida Department of Children and Families, she got one of the children to help her clean the home, the report said.

    DCF responds to the home

    A DCF investigator arrived about two hours later, and found that the home had been cleaned up.

    Regardless, “it was still in deplorable condition,” the report said.

    Deputies had taken photos of the home before it was cleaned and shared them with the DCF investigator, who decided  to remove the two children from the residence.

    One of Kanger’s adult children lived in a separate home on the property, and the DCF investigator decided to allow the two younger children to move there for the time being.

    Accusations of flight from justice and arrest

    Deputies did not take Kanger into custody at the time of their visit, but a warrant charging her with child neglect was issued on Dec. 8, Sheriff's Office records show.

    The arrest report did not give any information on why deputies decided not to arrest Kanger at the scene.

    By the time the warrant was filed, Kanger had allegedly fled to avoid arrest.

    She was found Thursday at a property in Pierson, investigators said.

    She was arrested on a warrant charging her with being a fugitive from justice.

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