Police: Cellphone protects store clerk from gunshot

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A Hess clerk sustained minor injuries after his cellphone shielded him from a robber's gunshot Monday morning, according to Winter Garden police.

Police said a man entered the gas station on West Colonial Drive and asked for assistance from a clerk. Shortly after, the man exposed a revolver and demanded the clerk open the safe.

When the clerk was unable to open the safe, the man ordered another clerk to open it. He was unsuccessful as well.

"At that point in time the suspect went to leave the store, and as he was leaving he fired one round towards the clerk," Winter Garden Lt. Scott Allen said

Police said as the man left the store he fired a single round at the abdomen of one of the clerks, but the clerk's cellphone stopped the bullet.

"He didn't realize he'd been shot," Allen said.

Police said the clerk had no idea a bullet hit his cellphone until after he pulled it out of his shirt pocket.

"Very fortunate, very lucky," Hess customer Roy Waxman said.

Police said the man exited the store on foot eastbound towards South Vineland Road.

The gunman is described as a black male wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt and pants, sunglasses, a bright yellow traffic vest and white gloves.