• Possible burglary attempt at home of teacher living on streets to raise awareness for homelessness


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9 learned thieves may have tried to take advantage of an Orange County teacher who is living on the streets for a month in an effort to raise awareness about homelessness.

    Orange County middle school teacher Thomas Rebman left his house on July 4 to live on the streets for a month. Rebman said living on the streets has taken its toll as his shoes are worn through and he's lost at least 20 pounds.

    "Like today, I find myself not being able to walk more than a quarter-mile without stopping," Rebman told Channel 9 on Monday. "You're constantly hot. It's always hot. You can't ever cool off."

    Thousands of people have been following Rebman's public journey on Facebook and while he's been away, it seems his home might've become a target.

    Rebman's stepson, Anthony Assal, woke up early Monday morning to a man at the door claiming he was supposed to meet Rebman and should be let in.

    "I highly doubt that, because first of all, he's not here and it's in the middle of the night," said Assal.

    Assal stopped talking to the stranger through the door and didn't let him inside.

    Once the family checked out the property, they saw a chair had been pushed up against a fence to get off the property. Bushes were also disturbed.

    Rebman is trying not to let what happened at home derail his focus.

    "Unless I go away in a hearse, I'm finishing," he said.

    The sheriff's office is investigating what happened at Rebman's home.

    Rebman said he's been surviving mostly by selling his plasma for $50 a donation. He's got seven more days to go until his journey comes to an end.

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