Report: Orange County Corrections officers arrested after attacking ex-girlfriend

Two Orange County Corrections officers were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly attacked a woman outside her apartment, according an incident report.
Jamaal Corey Jolly and his girlfriend, Tia Chin, are accused of beating Jolly’s ex-girlfriend outside her apartment on Summeroak Street in Orange County.
According to an incident report, the victim received a call from Jolly saying he and Chin were outside. The victim went outside and that’s when Jolly pulled her hair and held her as Chin “ran toward her and began to swing at her, using both arms with a closed fist, striking her all over her body,” the report said.


The report also said Jolly then held the victim down as the attack continued. Chin also struck the victim with an object, possibly a flashlight from her duty belt, the report said.
“The victim suffered visible injuries that included a laceration to her lower lip and mid back; multiple scratches to her left and right arms, forehead, back of her neck and right collar bone, and a bite mark on her right forearm,” the report stated.
The victim was treated at the scene by the Orange County Fire Department. 

The report said Jolly and Chin had left the jail while on duty. When questioned, the pair told investigators a slightly different story.

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Jolly told authorities his ex-girlfriend started throwing punches toward Chin when she met the two outside. Jolly said he tried to separate the women several times, before he was able to break up the fight.
Jolly claimed that the victim screamed, “Bring that (expletive) back because I never wanted to talk.”
Jolly stated that he and Chin left and went back to work.  Jolly had no visible injuries, the report said.
Chin claimed she was defending herself after Jolly’s ex-girlfriend grabbed her by the hair and bit her, the report said.
The report also said Chin’s injuries consisted of abrasions to her knuckles and two bite marks on her forearm and upper back.
“It should be noted (that) Chin’s injuries were minor compared to (the victim’s), which were more consistent with being held down and attacked,” the incident report said.  
Chin was charged with battery and posted bail Tuesday morning.
Jolly was charged with domestic violence and will face a judge Tuesday afternoon.