• Rise in gas prices expected to continue


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The price for a gallon of gas in central Florida is up 16 cents in just one week.

    The big jump is catching almost every driver's attention.

    WFTV's Bianca Castro has learned that prices will get higher, before drivers see some relief at the pump.

    The jump in prices at the pump meant Michelle Maggio's drive to Tampa wasn't going happen in her normal vehicle.

    "I drive a Toyota Tundra that gets 12 miles to a gallon. I'm going on a trip to Tampa and it was more cost effective to rent a car," said Maggio.

    The American Automobile Association said drivers start looking for ways to save gas money when the price-per-gallon reaches $3.75.

    In metro Orlando gas hit that price on Monday. Industry experts blame snowstorms in the Northeast, along with concerns over nuclear fuel development overseas and they said it is that time of year when refineries begin their switch to the more expensive summer blends.

    Vanessa Jones, a spokesperson for AAA, said the rise in gas prices will continue.

    "It's forecast to continue throughout the month of February and March and start declining in April," said Jones.

    The good news, according to experts, is that it doesn't look like 2013 will break any records.

    Maggio said the 40 cent jump in gas prices over the last month will keep her renting cars for a while longer.   
    "That's what I do now. Gas prices are a really big deal right now, and it's just cost effective not to put the wear and tear on my car," said Maggio.

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    Rise in gas prices expected to continue