Security tightens at Orlando International Airport after mass shooting in Fort Lauderdale

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Friday’s airport shooting in Fort Lauderdale has led to increased security Saturday at Orlando International Airport.

More than a dozen flights were diverted to OIA from Fort Lauderdale because of the shooting, and flights scheduled to land in Fort Lauderdale were canceled.

Flights from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale resumed Saturday morning.

The heavy law enforcement presence was unnerving for some travelers.

"It scares me," Leslie Hutchison said.

Several police officers were on bicycles and others were walking around with K9s.

OIA officials said that stepping up security is routine after any airport incident.

“I’m not nervous,” Matt Rochowiecki, of Poland, said. "Here, it's much better security than probably in Europe. That's my opinion."

At least three airlines canceled six flights Friday that were headed to Fort Lauderdale from Orlando.

OIA said it's stressing the importance of the "see something, say something" message.

"What can you do? You have to go about your life," said Hutchison.

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