Seminole County jury convicts man accused of killing his ex-roommate.

ORLANDO, Fla. — On Monday, a Seminole County jury convicted a man accused of killing his ex-roommate in April 2018.

It took the jury less than an hour to return the guilty verdict for Asgeirr Ulfr who was found guilty on three counts: 1st degree felony murder, kidnapping and burglary.

Prosecutors said Asgeirr Ulfr went to the home of Christina Scarr, waited in a closet until she was alone, then tied her up and suffocated her.

While this is a death penalty case, Ulfr’s lawyer is asking the jury to convict him of manslaughter.

Ulfr’s lawyers don’t dispute that he killed Scarr, but they maintain it was just a tragic accident.

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His attorney called it a bonehead plan by Ulfr to play the hero and come to her rescue during a staged home invasion.

After a week of presenting a mountain of evidence, prosecutors laid out their case to the jury.

“Danielle Brown testified the defendant, her brother, duct taped and zip tied Christina,” said Assistant State Attorney Stewart Stone said, in court. “The defendant said Christina fought back and that is corroborated by the evidence which shows bruising on Christina’s body as well as the defendants body.”

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Stone presented the jury with Ulfr’s to-do list which detailed much of what he actually did to Scarr.

“Park the car away from the house. That’s what he did. Then go inside with zip ties and duct tape. That’s what her did,” Stone said. “Zip tie bed frame tight, in this case, he used the duct tape.”

All the evidence was thrown into a McDonald’s dumpster and was found later by investigators.

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Ulfr’s attorney told the jury that much of what was on that list never happened, and this was not first degree murder, but manslaughter.

“What was the intent? The intent was to bind and come back and release, and be the savior. As dumb as an idea as that is, that was the intent,” Ulfr’s attorney said.

Prosecutors responded, saying Ulfr’s intent was to hurt Scarr.

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Because this is a death penalty case, the next phase in this case will be August 30, where it will be decided if Ulfr will be sentenced to death.

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