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‘She is an angel sent from above’: Woman offers to pay years’ worth of rent for homeless Seminole County family

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — A Seminole County family who has been living in their car for the last two years after they were evicted from their apartment complex is getting a little help, thanks to a Channel 9 viewer.

A woman named Susan contacted Channel 9 reporter Jeff Levkulich asking how she could get in touch with Angel Serrano after we aired a story about him and his family. After being put into contact with the Sharing Center in Longwood, she offered to pay a year’s worth of rent for an apartment for the family.

“I almost started crying,” said Nina Yon, president and CEO of the Sharing Center. “I was so touched by the generosity of this individual who saw your news and saw the story and the coverage, and she came and spoke to us about wanting to help this family get back on their feet.”

WATCH: Seminole County family forced to live out of car after getting evicted two years ago

Serrano described the woman as an angel.

“She is an angel sent form above,” Serrano said. “She gave me instructions to go out there and try to find apartments that are available right now. She gave me a price bracket of what to look for and she gave me advice.”

After he finds a new place and gets settled in, he hopes to give back and help others who are in his situation.

“I will definitely make a promise to the Lord to help out the community to help out the homeless and all the people that I can out of appreciation for what we are receiving as well, cause we are just one out of many,” he said.

The Sharing Center said there are many other families in need of help. Click here for information on how to make donations.

Jeff Levkulich

Jeff Levkulich,

Jeff Levkulich joined the Eyewitness News team as a reporter in June 2015.

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Sarah Wilson,

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