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WATCH: Seminole High School baseball coach fired for profanity-laced speech after winning state championship

The video that cost Kenne Brown his job as head baseball coach at Seminole High School shows him using the F-word multiple times and pointing out a student’s medical condition after winning the state championship.

Brown was fired earlier this month by Seminole High School Principal Jordan Rodriguez after the video surfaced online of him celebrating the win with his team. In addition to being fired as head coach, Brown was also suspended without pay as a teacher by the district for five days for the profanity-laced speech to the team.

A district spokesperson told Channel 9 that Brown was fired as head coach because of past precedent, but couldn’t say what that precedent was.

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Brown, who was a first-year head coach, led the team to their first championship since 1992 back in June. On the ride home, a player recorded the impassioned speech that Brown gave the team following the big win.

“We got this motherf---er right here. No one else has it. It’s f---ing ours,” Brown says in the video.

He goes on to say: “You guys showed up, you f---ing played the game, you played it right, you never f---ing panicked." He also points out one of the players who has “type 1 f---ing diabetes.”

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The video surfaced earlier this month, right before the start of the season.

Brown self-reported it to the principal, but he ended up terminated as head coach.

Lillia Ramos, a parent, said terminating was him as head coach “was excessive.”

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“I think he was just in the spirit, I would say,” Ramos said.

Superintendent Walt Griffin wrote Brown a letter reading: “I am appalled with and extremely concerned about the abundance of profanity that you used with the students that you are responsible for supervising and leading.”

The letter goes on to say: “Additionally I am likewise concerned that you announced the personal health information of one of your baseball players that was on the bus when you went on the above profanity-ridden tirade.”

Griffin said that could have been a HIPAA violation.

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